Less than a decade ago, few change-makers around the world saw themselves as part of a growing movement. This all changed in 2006, when Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel prize for his work in micro-finance and Blake Mycoskie launched his one-for-one business model, bringing these diverse innovators together under a single banner for the first time.

Social Entrepreneurship is now one of the most sought after courses at leading universities like Stanford, Oxford and Berkeley and new social entrepreneurs are emerging every day, tackling issues as far reaching as climate change and homelessness, but their stories are largely unreported and the movement remains poorly understood and under-appreciated. THE NEW BREED captures this exciting movement as it prepares to go mainstream. The film helps define what it means to be a social entrepreneur and celebrates the key players shattering the status quo to push this movement forward.


Stories and perspectives from low-income communities have historically been under represented due to a lack of capital and resources. So we’ve dedicated 25% of the films net proceeds to purchase film equipment and deliver film training to aspiring young filmmakers from marginalised communities to help bring their stories to life.

The inspiration for this social impact plan came from Patrick, a deaf man we met while filming in Gulu, Uganda. Photography is his primary source of income, but when we met him in 2017 his camera was old and had a cracked screen. The picture on the right shows the film’s first small social contribution... A new camera for Patrick.

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