As a young filmmaker, I blamed big business for society’s greatest ills, like poverty, inequality and environmental destruction.

My first project out of film school was a web-series called INDIE CITIES, which celebrated young artists living outside mainstream corporate culture in Europe. In 2014 this project was picked up by CHANNEL 4 (UK) and turned into a short-form TV series called MAKERS, giving me an opportunity to travel the world and continue my search for answers to economic inequality and social injustice.

Some of the entrepreneurs featured on the show had positive social or environmental impact built into their business models and for the first time in my life I started to think that business could be reengineered to be the solution, rather than the cause of the world’s biggest problems.

I’ve spent the past four years researching the social enterprise movement and meeting hundreds of social entrepreneurs and I’m now totally convinced that transforming business into a force for good is a great way to make this a more equal, healthy and peaceful planet.

The primary goal of THE NEW BREED is to make social entrepreneurship mainstream, to encourage a new generation to consider social entrepreneurship as a career option and excite all of us to be more conscious about the products we buy and the businesses we support.