THE NEW BREED documents the rise of a new generation of change-makers, using business to tackle the worlds biggest social and environmental problems.

Feature Documentary: 80 Minutes

The film captures the journey of three compelling millennials as they start businesses to tackle social and environmental issues; including Poverty, Homelessness and Environmental Pollution.

Kohl, co-founder of KNOWN SUPPLY, an apparel company based in Costa Mesa, California, empowers women in Uganda and Peru through education, mentorship and a steady income to rise out of poverty. Janna, founder of BONFOLK, a one-for-one sock company based in New Orleans, Louisiana, donates a pair of socks to someone in need with every pair of socks sold and Ben, David and Kevin, co-founders of BUREO, a plastic recycling company based in Ventura, California, collect discarded fishing nets off the coast of Chile and transform them into functional new products like skateboards, surf fins and eyewear.

The project itself is a social enterprise, proceeds from the film will provide film equipment and training to young filmmakers from disadvantaged backgrounds around the world.

THE NEW BREED premiered at the Sustainable Living Film Festival 2020.